Ayurveda Nutrition Sep 2018

You have to work with sweetness. This it difficult in western culture hating sweet at the same time over consuming sweet. Gently educate the body/mind by emotionally giving the sweetness in words and encouragement to strengthen the emotional vital of the being and then you can begin cleansing. Ayurveda recommends all tastes to be given at the beginning of this journey.

Lack of smell is classic example of lack of earth. High vata disorders like Parkinson this is predominant and must bring kapha attributes like wet, heavy and oily but warm and stable to stop the aggressive vata.

Food taste craving is more of the vital prana problem than body/mind. However eventually becomes the problem of the whole. To work with strong habitual cravings and addictions one has to heal the prana. Awareness of sattva energy and faith of higher energy of the Divine is the way to start healing. 

Details of six tastes and connections to weather, seasons etc.. will be discussed in the upcoming webinars.